October 14, 2015


The “zhulong” or pig-dragon, a 6,000 year old grave armulet made by the Hong Shan people in China, may be the precursor to the OUROBOROS

Peony Song from Naga

October 14, 2015





“So we part as we met

In this garden of red

And I pick again a peony                                      

O gift of my broken heart                                      

I hold you to my lips                                            

And whisper, “Alas!                                            

We part, alas”  


Excerpt from Peony Song from NAGA, Cerise Lim Jacobs, librettist

Madame White Snake

September 09, 2015

“Desperate for her love, I tried to snatch it by force
But she drove me far away
I lived in despair until death
When we were both reincarnated as snakes
And they made me a female snake
So that I can forever be by her side

Now, I am half snake half woman 
The worst of all possible worlds
All for the love of Madame White Snake


-Xiao Qing’s Lament, Madame White Snake by Cerise Lim Jacobs